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Annie Leibovitz – A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005

The first thing that strikes you about the statuesque Annie Leibovitz, is not the heart-stopping reality of coming face-to-face with the living legend, but it’s her ethereal energy that makes one wonder if she is even of this earth. Such is her presence. Annie Leibovitz doesn’t walk in her black high-tops. She glides. And gliding across the ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore giving almost 100 journalists a secret glimpse into her exhibition, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990–2005, was a marvelous encounter.

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Kult’s ridiculously rad “Sin City” Totes and Tees

When we first saw this line of “Sin City” totes and tees which Kult came up with, we went a little berserk.
Available in a range of six different silkscreen print designs, each piece is a mash-up of familiar local street names with cult film classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Big Trouble in Little China, putting a local, humorous spin to them.


Need a Bag? Find this Creature.

Looking for a bag? Here’s a piece of advice we have for you. Seek out The Bag Creature.


The Graffight is on

Tomorrow marks the first ever Graffight, a monthly battle between two Singapore-based graff writers as they give TheBlackBoxStudio a pretty darn fresh coat of paint.

3.26 Air Max Day

On 26 March, we honor 27 years of greatness with this experiment turned icon.


One Friday Night with Empire of the Sun

When Elton John claims your record is the best he’d heard in the last ten years, you could either be: 1) Walking on a dream, or 2) Sydney synthpop duo Empire of the Sun.


TAKE A SEAT at B1866 – the Brooks England store.

It’s the stuff of legends. v.a.u.l.t took a trip to London’s Covent Garden and tells all about our experience in B1866 – the first ever Brooks England store.

Catch Japanese street artists Bakibaki and Mon in action

Japanese live painting duo DOPPEL, Kohei Yamao (aka Bakibaki) and Koutaro Ooyama (aka Mon) who have created live paintings and murals in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand are in Singapore this weekend to paint a mural in Kult Gallery! Here’s a glimpse of what they’ve been up to in Bangkok 2556.

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Breaking to Bach

If the elitist in you cannot agree with bboys and their headspins, freezes and air flares, you might want to rethink your stance when Germany’s most popular breakdance crew Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel step onshore with their breathtaking performance, Red Bull Flying Bach.

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Skateboarding has no rules

Gou Miyagi pulls the freshest stunts and shows us how unconventional skateboarding is done. Like nothing we’d ever seen.


Kult Gallery presents: Chungking Express《重慶森林》

This Thursday, Kult unravels their last blast for the year – a group exhibition inspired by the Hong Kong film Chungking Express, featuring more than 25 underground artists worldwide coming together to pay homage to the memorable Wong Kar Wai classic.


The Inside Scoop on Sole Superior, Singapore’s 1st Sneaker and Streetwear Convention

We find how from Dexter, one half of Sole Superior’s masterminds, how Sole Superior came about (we love the name, btw!) and what you can expect this Saturday.


The Upcycle Project

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Explore and be inspired as community design collective Participate In Design brings this expression to life.

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Throwdown Obstacle Jam 2013

The Throwdown Obstacle Jam 2013 presented by Wake.SG held on 26 October brought together some of the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world to the SKI360 Cableski Park to compete in Singapore’s first ever obstacle jam format tournament


Jack Purcell Popup in Rockstar

It’s not often that food, fashion and other crafts coincide at a single time and place – but that’s exactly what happened one hip Friday at Rockstar.